As soon as I got back from SQL Saturday Cleveland (an event I rather enjoyed), I had to take advantage of the 72-degree weather to work on the Miata.

Today’s mini-project was around weatherstripping.  The weatherstripping on my Miata is old, but not really cracked too badly.  It is, however, not nearly as strong as it was 15 years ago, so I wanted to add a bit more insulation.  Working from this article on how to make old weatherstripping like new again, I bought some poly foam caulk backer and inserted it into the weatherstripping pieces the same as the note at the very bottom.  You only need one bag of this product and you’ll probably have about 12′ of it left over when you’re done.

I needed to find a way to fish the caulk backer through the weatherstripping pieces, and the solution I hit on was to grab a ~3″ screw with approximately 1/2″ diameter and a sharp point.  I screwed the screw into the caulk backer approximately 2″ so that it would stay firm, and that let me guide the foam through the weatherstripping piece so that I could pull it out the other side.  Use scissors to cut the foam (making sure to remove the screw) and you can stuff the insulation material without ripping the weatherstripping pieces.

I have to wait until tomorrow to see if this had any salutary effect.  Ideally, it will reduce wind noise and moderate cold air flow when the top is up, but we will see.

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