John McDonald to coach for the Tribe

I always felt slightly bad for John McDonald; an incredible infielder who had a long career, but never stuck in one city for very long, probably because he couldn’t hit his way out of a wet paper bag. His career OPS+? 59. He probably would have won a Gold Glove if he’d ever played enough of any position to qualify.

He’s going to coach for Cleveland in some capacity next season, which makes me happy. Our defense could certainly use some work.

A good sign for Johnny Football

The Browns hired Kevin O’Connell as QB coach today. His skills include “having previously worked with Johnny Manziel” and “being teammates with Brian Hoyer once upon a time.” In all seriousness, he used to work in San Diego and has some positive press from them. Cleveland also hired Joker Phillips as wide receiver coach a few days ago. “Joker” seems an apt description for Cleveland’s receiving corps.

Youth is the major theme in most of these coaching hires; I can only hope that they will be able to relate to Johnny Football and convince him how to do things that are less stupid.