The Browns are interviewing Mike Martz to be the new OC. Part of me has to ask if the Browns are just trolling Manziel at this point. They have to be, right? No sane person with a young QB would ever entrust him to Martz.

2 thoughts on “It can ALWAYS get worse

  1. Week 1: offensive line replaced with tackling dummies to save money and the effort of training linemen
    Week 5: Martz watches Patriots footage and figures out how to get ten wide receivers on the field
    Week 11: Neck brace company becomes the official neck brace sponsor of the Cleveland Browns
    Week 12: Cleveland press rips Manziel for refusing to play while in traction. Jimmy Clausen, who had two average games, signs a six-year extension
    Week 15: Browns fans look forward to drafting their next first-round quarterback

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