Buffalo’s new head coach will be Rex Ryan.  I’m not quite sure what to think on this one.  Buffalo’s biggest asset is its defense, particularly the front four.  Jim Schwartz (who has a good shot at sticking around with the team next year if he wants) and before him Mike Pettine did a good job unleashing this defensive line on opponents, and Ryan as a head coach could make the line even better.

Unfortunately, Ryan’s weakness is offense, which is Buffalo’s weakness.  The Bills have no established quarterback, no first round pick, and little hope of a good quarterback in free agency.  The best-case scenario might be a trade if the Bears are desperate to get rid of Jay Cutler and dump him at bargain basement prices, but  I rate the likelihood of that as rather low.

Now, given that the Bills have hired Greg Roman to be their offensive coordinator, that might help offset some of the problems.  Roman is a good coordinator who did nice things in San Francisco, but this would really hinge on how much value he can get out of EJ Manuel or whichever castoff quarterback the Bills pick up as a free agent.

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