The BBWAA has the official scoop. Craig Biggio, John Smoltz, Randy Johnson, and Pedro Martinez were all elected today. None of them were unanimous, but I’ve lost all hope that we’ll ever see one.

Bonds and Clemens, two of the greatest baseball players in the history of baseball, still struggle to crack a third of the possible ballots. Carlos Delgado, who definitely has a borderline Hall of Fame case, is already off the ballot, never to be heard from again. Nomar Garciaparra barely stayed on the ballot. Somebody voted for Darin Erstad, almost certainly because of punting related glories.

Mike Piazza will almost certainly get in the Hall next year; Alan Trammell, sadly, almost certainly won’t. Tim Raines… he’s at 55% now, but only has two more years on the ballot.

As far as those selected, there really isn’t much to be said, is there? The Unit and Pedro are inner circle Hall of Famers. Biggio and Smoltz are very worthy members in their own right.


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