… would need to address that the GM and coach have not been fired in a press conference.

Overall, though, I’m pleased with the season. The Browns showed a lot of toughness, and there are some excellent pieces in place to take it to the next level. We need to go d-line in the draft, pick up some offensive line depth, maybe a receiver or two. Let Manziel and Shaw (who played okay) fight it out in training camp.

If Johnny Manziel doesn’t mature quickly, he’s going to be in a lot of trouble. Replacing Hoyer was the right move, no question. I’d even say don’t bring Hoyer back; I don’t care if he’s a local guy, he’s too limited to take a wide open offense to the next level. Watching the Colts game was a nightmare.

I’ve mixed feelings about the way the veterans are calling out the youngsters (specifically, Manziel, Gilbert, and Gordon). When it was just Dansby and Whitner, I ignored it; they were free agents who signed with Cleveland. NFL veterans, yes, but not Browns veterans. Then Joe Thomas joined in, and if Joe Thomas said 2+2=5, well then, math better fuckin’ get it right. I think Gilbert will straighten out.

Gordon’s a whole other ball of wax. The roster dickery — suspending him for missing a practice… which just so happens to screw him out of unrestricted free agency off his rookie contract at the end of 2015 — probably poisoned the well for him staying with the team, but to be honest, nothing I saw with him this season impressed me. I figure it might motivate him to play his ass off next season, so I’m okay with it.

Manziel gets an incomplete for this season. Next season is another question.

Browns need to re-sign Jordan Cameron and Buster Skrine, especially Cameron. The only receiver I saw have the slightest bit of chemistry with Johnny was Cameron. Skrine proved he’s a great DB, more than capable of starting opposite Joe Haden.

There’s promise and potential here. Let’s build on it for 2015!


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