I’m giving Catallaxy Services a little bit of TLC lately, and I like some of the things I’ve done so far.

The first thing I’ve done is emphasize our status as an independent software vendor.  I will gladly take people’s money to write consulting documents for them or to do contract work, but I’ll also gladly take people’s money to write useful software.

After that, I decided to upgrade to a newer version of Django.  I apparently fell so far behind that my upgrade path was kind of complex, but I eventually got some things figured out and cleaned up a few niggling bugs

In addition to that, I’ve bought a new domain:  http://CSmore.info.  It simply redirects to the Catallaxy Services website, so why am I excited?  Because I now have a six-character domain that I can show at the end of presentations.  For example, my presentation on Hadoop and HDInsight has a permanent home at http://www.catallaxyservices.com/presentations/much-ado-about-hadoop/.  I think that’s a pretty easy URL to read, but not an easy one to type into a phone or tablet at the end of a talk (or for me to tweet out).  So instead, I now have http://csmore.info/on/hadoop, which will take you to the same place.  This is Step 1 of approximately 4 with regard to making my presentations better and website more useful.  Over the next few days, I hope to give you the rest of the story.


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