So, as you may know, Johnny Football is hurt and Hoyer got back in the game. He is doing reasonably well. Since this is happening in Cleveland, naturally, everybody says Johnny is a bust since we all know that 7 quarters of football is enough to tell you whether a QB is good or not. Mary Kay Cabot is ready to sell him down the river and go after Marcus Mariota. Here’s a better idea. Cleveland drafts zero QBs next season. If Hoyer won’t give us another year, find a veteran backup. Let Manziel play the full season unless he’s hurt. I don’t care if he throws eight picks a game and runs into the wrong end zone. Let him actually play himself out of the job.

The problem isn’t Manziel. The problem is rushing to judgment. We have very little idea of what he can do. We have a fairly good idea of what Hoyer can do. What he can do is manage a game. That’s fine if the rest of your team is awesome. The Browns are not.

I want Ray Farmer to come out and say that Manziel is starting next year, and if you don’t like it, too bad.


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