Going To FreeCon

I’m fortunate enough to be able to attend Brent Ozar Unlimited’s 2015 SQLPASS FreeCon.  I’m definitely looking forward to it, and have a few goals around it.

First, my immediate goal is to expand my network.  Being in a room with 50 other people for an entire day with this goal in mind is fantastic.

My secondary goal is to give me ideas of what to learn.  Right now, I’m moving in directions away from or orthogonal to SQL Server:  Hadoop, F#, BIML, and getting back into web development, for starters.  I find each of these valuable, but I’d really like to pick the brains of some very smart people and see what I am missing.

My tertiary goal is to expand my network further.  Yeah, this sounds like my immediate goal, but in this case, I mean something slightly different.  In the upcoming year, I want to get a lot more active in SQL Saturdays up and down the eastern seaboard, start presenting at more user groups (especially those outside of the Raleigh-Durham area), and try to develop some personal brand cache.  This is another opportunity for me to pick the brains of people who’ve made the leap from smart person to smart person who people have heard of.

There’s a lot I want to do over the next year to help me support these goals, and re-focusing my portion of this blog to more technical discussions is part of that.


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