I’m going to start a new series in which I discuss books that I’m currently reading.  In most cases, these will be books that I haven’t yet finished, so don’t spoil them…

The first book on my list is Tobias Weltner’s Mastering Powershell.  It focuses on version 2 of Powershell and is a few years old at this point, but most of it remains relevant.  It provides a nice introduction to the topic and is a good starting point for people who want to get beyond the basics of Powershell copy-pasta.  I have a few other Powershell books on my tablet, and I recommend that if you’re going down this road, you get a few more as well—there are a number of things which have happened to Powershell over the past 5+ years, including improvements with asynchronous code, and so you’ll want to treat this more as a foundational work than the sum of all that is Powershell.  With that in mind, it’s an easy read and generally a good book.  Given that the price is right, I recommend it.


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