According to a medical professional who writes for 411Mania, pretty damned screwed.

I wrote about this topic a couple of days ago, but it really drives home the point about the medical issues Punk and other wrestlers face. I don’t want to use the “u” word — I’m pretty sure Kevin would hire someone to drive to my apartment and burn it to the ground. What does distress me, at least a little, is that Punk sued the WWE, earned himself a big pile of money (which he admittedly earned), and didn’t take it further. This would have been the ideal time to lean on Vince and HHH given his relationship to the existing talent in the WWE. Maybe somebody else will.

I’m actually semi-interested to listen to the Vince McMahon/Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast that’s happening tomorrow night after RAW. I’m pretty sure Vince will either say nothing if the question is asked, either by ignoring the question or “no commenting.” I gotta admit, though, I’ll probably listen.


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