Tabs Studio is technically not a SQL Server Management Studio tool—it’s a Visual Studio extension which will also support SQL Server Management Studio.  For this, I am grateful.

Over the course of a few-day period, I’ll collect dozens of Management Studio tabs.  Here’s a sample of how my screen looks right now, even after I closed a bunch of tabs:

Tabs Studio

That is, by my count, 21 separate tabs open (and usually it’s a much higher count).  If this were stock SSMS, I’d get to see maybe 5 or 6 of them before losing the rest to a drop-down menu.  I have 21 tabs open for a reason, however, and it can get difficult keeping track of these in an ever-changing drop-down list.

Tabs Studio costs a few bucks, but figure it this way:  if you spend 5 minutes a day fumbling around with SSMS tabs, the product pays for itself within a couple of weeks at average database administrator/engineer rates.

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