Giving Thanks To SSMS Tools

Over the next few days, I want to get in the spirit of Thanksgiving by pointing out a few tools upon which I depend.  I have at least one SQL Server Management Studio window open throughout the course of my work day, and these tools make me a lot more productive by eliminating some of the busy work aspects of my job.

I have three tools in mind, so this series will run through the weekend.  Your regularly-scheduled BIML post will run on Monday.

The Last of Us

This isn’t a video game review. The Last of Us is a PS3 game (which is being remastered for PS4) by Naughty Dog. It is, superficially, the same general combat system as Uncharted, so if you liked Uncharted’s combat, you’ll like The Last of Us.

But you may not like the story. I’m having a very difficult time coming to grips with it myself. Perhaps a slight digression will help.

I’ve also recently finished (and platinumed) Assassin’s Creed: Rogue. It’s the first in the series in which you play as a Templar, not an Assassin. Yet, although you’re one of the “bad guys”, it doesn’t feel like it. The Templars might be an evil organization, but Shay Patrick Cormac gets involved in it for the right reasons and even tries to make it better. It’s a fresh look at the AC plotline, and I highly recommend it.

Joel, on the other hand…

I’m somewhat conflicted about revealing the ending here, especially if you haven’t played the game. It’s the most powerful ending I’ve ever seen in a video game. I’ll point you towards YouTube if you don’t own a PS3.

What I can say about The Last of Us is this: I’m not sure I could play through it again, knowing how the game ends. It isn’t because it’s a bad game — it’s actually very good — or because the storyline isn’t gripping — it’s brilliant — or that the ending doesn’t make sense — it does. It almost makes too much sense.

I’m going to watch The League now (which is hilarious, if you haven’t seen it). I might eventually do a proper review of the Last of Us, but not for a while. I think I need to let it simmer for a while.