Let’s Go Tribe has an excellent breakdown of the new 2015 HOF Ballot. They have both the first timers and the guys who have been on the ballot for a while. Jay Jaffe’s breakdown is even more detailed and awesome, because he’s Jay Jaffe and is rapidly becoming my favorite baseball writer.

The inner asshole in me would love to see Biggio held off for a second year, maybe missing by one vote because somebody spells his name wrong or something. Randy Johnson is the slam dunk candidate in this class; Pedro is only slightly less slam-dunkier because of the brevity of his career, but it’s probably going to be his year too. Biggio probably gets in, too. However, I think that’s it for 2015’s ballot. Piazza’s got an outside chance, and I expect John Smoltz will make a nice showing his first year on the ballot, but it’s hard to see anybody apart from that making a serious impact.

Reducing maximum eligibility from 15 years to 10 years isn’t a horrible move, but they really need to increase the number of ballot slots, maybe to 15. I’ll probably be covering this until ballots are released, so stay tuned for updates.


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