I decided to bite the bullet and pay for custom themes.  I’ve been using the free version of WordPress for eight years, but being able to fix some theme annoyances is worth it.

I might make further tweaks, but so far, I’ve been able to approximately triple the size of the main post box for wide-screen monitors.  I’ve also customized the colors a bit, making them a little darker and less pastel than the theme defaults.  The final change I’ve made thus far is to reduce the size of the font used for code snippets.  Instead of being 20-30% bigger than my text (and about twice the size of the old theme’s text), this font is probably about 10-15% smaller than my text, and I think that’s a good trade-off.  Now the code complements the discussion rather than drowning it out, yet it should still be readable to most.

These are the biggest issues that I’ve had so far.  As an aside, because of the amount of code I’ve been dumping on this blog the past couple of weeks, it’s pretty hard to read on a mobile device.  I’m going to start collapsing code sections by default, and that should help mobile readability.  It looks good on tablets, so I am happy about that.


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