Further thoughts on Madden

As of this post, I’ve played about half a season. I’m undefeated (7-0), but I’ve only blown out one team; most of my victories are by no more than two scores. It’s been an insane pass rush (I had 13 sacks in one game) combined with some good corners. My one blowout came against the Steelers; it’s also been my only 100+ yd rushing game. Ben Tate is a decent back, but my run blockers, especially the guards, need a lot of help to seal off outside runs.

I’ve found contract negotiations for resigning players to be a bit confusing. The game only lets you resign players with cash on hand (to pay the new signing bonus), but negotiating with Jordan Cameron has been a bit odd. It’s probably because I’m trying to save cash on the signing bonus, but so far I haven’t successfully resigned anybody.

I’ll share more thoughts as I have ’em.


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