Assassin’s Creed: Unity, the version of AC coming to PS4, XBOX One, and PC next year, does not have any female characters in co-op because “they don’t have enough time.” The idea of women in gaming is not a new one. There is a dearth of games with dominant female protagonists (excluding games like Mass Effect that let you choose your character’s gender). Bayonetta, Lara Croft, ironically the AC IV DLC, an AC portable game, the various Metroids, and a handful of others I’m sure I’m forgetting. At least, I hope that isn’t it. (Bioshock Infinite, depending on how you consider Elizabeth, would also count.)

Now, on the whole, this doesn’t bother me. I am, shockingly, a white male, and most of the games are about me or people like me. I am okay with this. I would rather have well developed female characters than female characters tacked on for no reason. But for something as simple as character models? For a AAA game with nine studios working on it? “We don’t have the resources” is bullshit. I have to call you out on that one, Ubisoft.


2 thoughts on “Women in gaming

  1. Not much to say here except that I tend to agree.

    I’m not sure I would point out Bayonetta as an example of women in gaming. Yes, there is a female protagonist and it was a really well-done game, but, err, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t support the common interpretation of your cause. Of course, neither would pre-2013 Lara Croft, not so much (the re-imagined version, however, absolutely fits).

    Chell from Portal would be a good example in the “I don’t say a word” kind of way. Otherwise, I’m struggling to think of many more cases, myself, especially among games not specifically intended for a female audience.

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