Art imitates, uh, other art?

Today was the first day of the MLB Draft (you hadn’t heard?), and the Indians had four picks. Here’s a round up of all four. What makes me excited about the draft? Justus Sheffield. Not only did I actually also draft him in OOTP (and he’s a full time starter for the first time this coming season), but he’s already signed a contract!

In more substantial news, Zimmer has solid speed, a great arm, and could play in CF but probably right. He’s got very good pitch recognition and a big frame, so he could be a real good one if he develops power. Sheffield is a high school lefty with good speed, but is a bit on the small side. Papi (Mike Papi, that is) sounds like Zimmer, but projects purely as a corner OF/1B. He’s got better on base tools, but again, has yet to show a lot of power. Hockin, in addition to being Harmon Killebrew’s grandson, is another high school pitcher with good command. Lacks ideal velocity, but that could change, of course.

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