Our new QB is not boring

Oh, Johnny Manziel. You card! What with the fake $25 million lawsuits and all filed against you. Deadspin covered it first -- I have to be fair -- but DBN chose a way better picture. The Deadspin link has the actual lawsuit, and it's glorious. I figure there's a 50-50 chance Manziel calls a press conference,…


Vegas lines for 2014

National Football Post has the Vegas lines for the 2014 NFL season.  (If you aren't familiar with how over/under betting with the +/- system works, this is a great primer.) Cleveland has the line at 6.5, with a -150 for over and +130 for under. Vegas likes the under, it seems, depending on your point of…

Gary Becker Passes Away

Gary Becker passed away this month.  He was one of the greats in economics.  I didn't always agree with him---his argument about markets in crime, for example, doesn't quite sit well with me---but he was one of the best at his craft.

The man speaks the truth

From Waiting for Next Year, this author nails what ought to happen with Johnny Football. Give him a chance to win the job out of camp, but don't hand it to him. Hoyer ought to start unless preseason is just sensational for Manziel.

Ray Farmer does it again

Bet you all feel stupid about criticizing the Browns now, huh, sportswriters? We have Earl Bennett now too, but a healthy Miles Austin has a chance at replacing some of the production of Gordon if he's lost to suspension.