I’ve gotten through season 1 of OOTP 15.

Fundamentally, it’s the same game for me as OOTP 14.  I don’t really like 3D mode all that much, so I’m not using it.  I turned on all of the foreign leagues because they’re awesome, but they really slow down simulating games, and I might just turn them off again.  I also saw that the AI is a bit smarter—you can’t flip players quite as much as before, and the game doesn’t over-value setup men—but I still made what I consider to be major steals with some regularity.  On the plus side, they’ll consider debt-for-debt swaps:  I have $13 million tied up in Dan Uggla; to get rid of him, I had to trade some guys of value an take on a similar guy with a big contract but maybe some more upside.  In prior editions, the game would freak out because of Uggla’s contract and I’d pretty much have to eat it.

I will say two things have improved greatly:  first, I love the fact that I can get ratings normalized across the entire league, rather than by league and position.  I like seeing that the 75-potential second baseman is really more like a 50-potential guy in the league; it’s just that second basemen are so rare that 50’s the best you can do.  [Not really with second basemen in the current MLB; actually, that’s more like starting pitchers, where a #1 starter can be a 60.]  Second, the widescreen-friendly interface is nice.

But given that OOTP was such a fun game last year, it’s getting hard to improve.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts On OOTP 15

  1. There is one hilarious oversight that you probably won’t notice in 99% of cases, but there’s no travel fatigue in OOTP 15. So, if you’re playing a world league, you can schedule home and homes between, say, Sydney and Paris with no worries, because players teleport from stadium to stadium.

    1. I’d argue that it’s one of those “IST REELISTIC!!!” things that do nothing to improve how much people enjoy the game. Yes, a scenario such as you discuss is funny, but for almost every OOTP fan, it would also be outlandish, considering that the default is the MLB and most fictional leagues are at least MLB-like rather than global.

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