2 thoughts on “Further Proof Of IRS Malfeasance

  1. 1. In terms of abolition, which should come first for you, the Fed or the IRS?
    2. Is your problem with the organization (which is hopelessly corrupt at this point and needs, at the very least, a purge) or the idea of income taxes? What would you propose as an alternative?

    1. I would get rid of the IRS first. They have shown themselves to be a corrupt political arm of the current administration. I am not a fan of the Federal Reserve, but at least there are no stories of that organization targeting political opponents.

      My economist ideal is a head tax (really known as a poll tax, but in the US, that brings to mind a totally separate, bad idea). Each American, upon reaching a certain age, pays a certain amount each year. That amount is fixed and there are no tax credits. This would replace all forms of federal taxation (FICA, income tax, Medicare and Medicaid taxation, capital gains taxes, corporate income tax, excise tax, etc.) and would fundamentally change the nature of the federal government, bringing it much closer to its pre-1916 state.

      I realize that this has zero chance of practical implementation. My second-best solution would be to charge the states with income tax collection. Moving the auditing function to the state level makes it less likely that they would serve the political will of a sitting president. Regardless of what happens, it is clear to me that we cannot trust a taxation authority with the power of the IRS, and a rebranding will do nothing except confuse the issue and let them get away with further malfeasance.

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