Prepare to drop the 16 ton weight in 3… 2…

Highlight of my evening (and I’m just about to go to bed) is this wonderful news. The National Football Post is more prosaic, but gives you the essentials.  Joe Haden is my second favorite Brown (Joe Thomas being my favorite); the thought of him and our two new DBs makes me salivate at the defensive possibilities. Pettine’s speedy pass rushes might just have a field day. There’s no DVOA ratings for 2013 yet, and I don’t fully understand Approximate Value (Pro Football Reference’s metric) the way I do WAR. He was tied for fifth in the NFL in picks (with four), gets a goodly number of tackles, and 20 passes defenses. However, the most important number for me is 15: he played in 15 games last season. That makes me very, very happy.

Oh yeah, that offensive pick in the first round turns out to be pretty popular. Surprised but pleased Michael Sam has the #2 selling jersey; when’s the last time a seventh round pick could say that?

Teddy Bridgewater is now officially a jerk. Not an Enemy, but a jerk.


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