Ray Farmer: 1337 tr@dz0r (and other notes)

I will never do a leet speak title again, but I couldn’t let it go. You got two great Bill Barnwell columns in one at Grantland: one about the Michael Sam situation (tl;dr – great he got drafted by a community that already likes him, but he’ll have trouble getting opportunities in St. Louis) and one about the best trades. Cleveland got #1 and #2 of the top five. The trade with the Bills was #2 — weirdly, the #1 trade was going up from the seventh round to the sixth round in next year’s draft, which I actually criticized. I still think we needed the player more, but that’s a damn fine value all the same.

Not all the news is good: Cleveland cut Vince Young. I would rather have cut Tyler Thigpen. If Johnny Football is going to work out, he absolutely needs to be no higher than #3 on the depth chart to start the season. Thigpen as your primary backup is shaky to me (and I’m assuming that’s how it’ll shake out.) Something to watch as we approach the season’s beginning.

Peter King had some interesting news about Cleveland’s draft too. First, there’s no guarantee Gordon is out for the whole season; he could be out for as few as eight games, if he’s even busted for it at all. That’s bad, and Gordon is still an asshole for pulling this shit, but it’s not devastating. If Cleveland doesn’t sign Holmes or Austin, I’d be surprised.

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