Terry Pluto is probably one of the finest journalists to cover the Indians. The Curse of Rocky Colavito is a brilliant book and one of my all time favorites. Here is his latest thought on what to do with #4.

I’m actually a bit amazed he’s bumped Mack over Watkins. I’m still leery of drafting an LB at #4. I really hope he isn’t a pure pass rusher — if you take a linebacker that high, he has to be three down at a minimum, and I’d prefer Brian Urlacher 2.0 — but I won’t say that the Browns can’t use linebackers.

I’m slowly coming around on Watkins, especially with Kevin’s comment on my post yesterday: if Buffalo doesn’t want #4, I don’t know who would, unless somebody desperately wants Johnny Football. At the moment, Ray Farmer has made all the right moves, so I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. I mean, when the owner of the damn team wants a certain player, but backs off, that says a lot for your confidence in the GM. Of course, it could be a smokescreen — maybe they’re winking every time they say “not”, or possibly crossing their fingers behind their back. I’m even more excited that Farmer wants the QB I’ve wanted all along.

We’ll find out tomorrow!

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