Bill Barnwell goes through three scenarios, depending on who the Texans take #1 overall, of the first six rounds. Yet this should be especially interesting to the co-author of this blog, for the simple fact that, in two of the three scenarios, the Browns trade down so the Bills can grab Sammy Watkins at #4. (The deal would be the Bills’ first rounder next year and #9 for #4. I’d personally like to see a third rounder thrown in, either 2014 or 2015, but I could give live with that.)

Here’s how that looks from my perspective. Josh Gordon was brilliant last year with a mediocre QB. However, so was Braylon Edwards in 2007. Gordon has off the field issues, like Braylon did. So, I begin my analysis by saying that Cleveland keeping Watkins for itself — something Barnwell only lightly considers — is a fourth possibility I’d add.

However, the question at hand is whether or not I’d trade down, if I were Cleveland, and the answer is emphatically “Yes.” If Cleveland is committed to letting the rookie sit — which I looked at yesterday — Johnny Football can’t be that rookie. I can’t imagine Cleveland fans being patient enough, especially if Brian Hoyer doesn’t light the world on fire, to wait for Johnny Football to be the next Franchise Savior. I like Khalil Mack, and the Browns need linebackers, but at #4? Meh. I could see taking a RT, moving Schwartz into playing guard, but again, at #4, that feels like a wasted pick. Barring a Joe Haden clone, there’s nobody in the draft I’m that thrilled about at #4.

Let’s look at #9, now. Assuming no other trades, I really can’t see Oakland letting Johnny Football slip past them at #5. I really can’t. Minnesota needs a new QB too. At #9, I’d happily take Bortles or Bridgewater, use the second first rounder to grab an OT or linebacker, and smile all the way to the bank.

One other possibility I could see, from a Bills perspective — trade up to #4 to pick up a tackle. I think Buffalo still needs an LT (although I could be wrong), and Jake Matthews seems like he could be that guy.

So, Kevin, what do you think? Would you make this deal if you were Buffalo?


3 thoughts on “More NFL draft fun

  1. Short answer, no. If I’m Buffalo’s GM, I would not trade up for Sammy Watkins, nor for a left tackle. There are several high-end tackle prospects this year and it’s almost guaranteed that one of the two top LTs, Eric Ebron (top TE), or Watkins will be around for pick #9.

    I’m not even sure that the Bills should take Watkins. Buffalo has, potentially, a very good WR corps. Johnson and Mike Williams aren’t really game-changing guys, but they’re quality. Robert Woods and Marquise Goodwin also had decent rookie seasons and room to develop. Watkins could certainly improve that group and could potentially be a top-flight receiver, but there are bigger needs on this roster and guys who will probably be around to fill them.

    Buffalo’s tackle situation is not desperate, but not really that good. Cordy Glenn is somewhere between respectable and good at LT, but Erik Pears was bad at RT. If the Bills drafted a guy like Jake Matthews and moved Glenn to RT, they would be much stronger, but I don’t think they need to trade up to get specifically him.

    This is especially true given that the Bills’ biggest weaknesses are probably TE, LT, and S (opposite Aaron Williams, who isn’t Jairus Byrd but is good). I’d be giddy if the Bills drafted Ebron; he’d give EJ Manuel a huge target in the middle.

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