More NFL draft fun

Bill Barnwell goes through three scenarios, depending on who the Texans take #1 overall, of the first six rounds. Yet this should be especially interesting to the co-author of this blog, for the simple fact that, in two of the three scenarios, the Browns trade down so the Bills can grab Sammy Watkins at #4. (The deal would be the Bills’ first rounder next year and #9 for #4. I’d personally like to see a third rounder thrown in, either 2014 or 2015, but I could give live with that.)

Here’s how that looks from my perspective. Josh Gordon was brilliant last year with a mediocre QB. However, so was Braylon Edwards in 2007. Gordon has off the field issues, like Braylon did. So, I begin my analysis by saying that Cleveland keeping Watkins for itself — something Barnwell only lightly considers — is a fourth possibility I’d add.

However, the question at hand is whether or not I’d trade down, if I were Cleveland, and the answer is emphatically “Yes.” If Cleveland is committed to letting the rookie sit — which I looked at yesterday — Johnny Football can’t be that rookie. I can’t imagine Cleveland fans being patient enough, especially if Brian Hoyer doesn’t light the world on fire, to wait for Johnny Football to be the next Franchise Savior. I like Khalil Mack, and the Browns need linebackers, but at #4? Meh. I could see taking a RT, moving Schwartz into playing guard, but again, at #4, that feels like a wasted pick. Barring a Joe Haden clone, there’s nobody in the draft I’m that thrilled about at #4.

Let’s look at #9, now. Assuming no other trades, I really can’t see Oakland letting Johnny Football slip past them at #5. I really can’t. Minnesota needs a new QB too. At #9, I’d happily take Bortles or Bridgewater, use the second first rounder to grab an OT or linebacker, and smile all the way to the bank.

One other possibility I could see, from a Bills perspective — trade up to #4 to pick up a tackle. I think Buffalo still needs an LT (although I could be wrong), and Jake Matthews seems like he could be that guy.

So, Kevin, what do you think? Would you make this deal if you were Buffalo?