Keeping The Bills In Buffalo

Andre Reed has joined a group dedicated to keeping the Buffalo Bills around.  Jim Kelly is part of an ownership group committed to keeping the Bills in town as well.

I like the idea of a community group trying to keep Buffalo in place.  Even more than that, I would have liked to see the Bills join the Green Bay Packers and become a community-owned team; unfortunately, NFL guidelines prohibit that at present.  If they changed their ruling, I think the town could gather up enough support to keep the Bills in town beyond 2019.


2 thoughts on “Keeping The Bills In Buffalo

  1. I am fairly fortunate that, when Art Modell kidnapped the Browns, I was not really a football fan.

    So, what exactly is going on with the Bills? Is it the death of Ralph Wilson that’s triggering all this talk of moving the team?

    • Yeah. Wilson asked that his family sell the team when he passed away, and due to changing demographics and the migration of old industrial jobs, Buffalo is just about the smallest city with an NFL team. Green Bay is smaller but has a rabid fan base and is close to Milwaukee, so they were able to keep a team. The next ownership group may not have ties to the city and will likely see that the team would be more profitable in one of several cities like LA or maybe Toronto.

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