As a reminder, I haven’t seen the show, just read recaps. Here are my back of the envelope thoughts:

— With one massive exception, the right person won in every match. I’m happy about that. They didn’t go with my predicted Fatal Four Way, but I’m okay with that. Predictions I was right about: Cena, Bryan in the main event, the Shield, the Usos. That’s 50%!

— Sounds like the only genuinely bad match was the Divas bout, which lacked any kind of direction; A.J. winning isn’t what I expected it, but it’s a perfect legitimate finish, if it eventually leads to her getting some serious competition (*cough* Paige *cough*).

— The Shield squashing Kane and the New Age Outlaws was unexpected. No real angle advancement there either; I guess they aren’t going to be breaking up right away.

— The Cesaro face turn (I know this will be solidified tonight on RAW one way or the other) was brilliantly done, and having him pitch Big Show out of the ring to close out the Battle Royal was genius and a great tip of the cap to Hogan-Andre.

— I’ve heard mixed reviews about Cena-Wyatt; Cena winning isn’t the issue, but how he won. Some say he went SuperCena towards the end; others say there was real doubt in Cena’s mind and that he almost cheated. This feud undoubtedly continues, as it damn well should.

— HHH made Daniel Bryan look awesome in the opener, and the main event was pretty good too. As long as Bryan doesn’t drop the belt tonight, it’s all to the good.


Okay, the elephant in the room: Brock Lesnar breaking the Streak. Keep a few things in mind: 1) They will never have another Streak, at least not on purpose. Even for Undertaker it was largely accidental. 2) Brock Lesnar is a part timer, who wrestles a handful of matches and makes about 20 appearances. 3) This may well be Undertaker’s match.

All of that said… I don’t get it. You’re giving one of the biggest rubs left in the WWE to a guy who arguably doesn’t need it, and won’t be around very much to use it. Now, the rumor is that it was Taker’s call, and that the plan was for Taker to lose to Brock all along. Okay, fine. I don’t like it, but fine. The fact that Taker got hurt during the match might play a role too; again, that would be entirely logical and I would have no complaints. But if it wasn’t Taker’s call… this is a mind-bendingly dumb decision. It’s the very worst example of a swerve for the sake of a swerve.

I have just enough faith in the WWE that I’m willing to bet this third scenario isn’t the right one. I think the first (it was Taker’s call) is the most likely. I still find it very bizarre, all the same.


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