Many of you are, no doubt, wondering why I’ve been posting infrequently. It’s because I’m lazy.

Well, not just because I’m lazy. Without the games themselves, it’s hard to write quality reviews of games. (I could go — and have gone — to, but then I could also just tell you to go to that site and find out 99% of what you need to know yourself.) So, until I get back to the States, that series is postponed.

I do plan on writing at least one post about Wrestlemania XXX, which is coming up this weekend. (Avoid the obvious joke. Here, I’ll help: Hulk Hogan, now in his sixties, is prominently involved with promoting the show. You’re welcome.)

However, I’m also moving to a new room here at the dorm, because reasons, I guess. Both my roommate and I were informed of mysterious “repairs” which require us to move. What is being repaired, why it is being repaired, and when we can return to this room are all unknown. My roommate speculated it’s just to give the room to somebody else, since nothing here is actually broken (except in the way that all old buildings are broken). We are close to the main lobby, so there’s that.

So, I leave for the new room tomorrow, and if the WiFi doesn’t reach the new room (I’m 99% sure it won’t), that will overall reduce my time on the Interwebz. Fair warning: you might be stuck with only Kevin for a while. Kevin the COWARD who will not pick up gauntlets when they are thrown down. Because he’s a COWARD.


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