Beyond the Box Score invented a stat today, called SCRAP (for Self Contained Replacement Average Player). It includes the ability to score runs (albeit, in a very insignificant way), being hit by pitches, getting caught stealing, bunting, and grounding into double plays. The objective is to get as close to zero as possible. David Eckstein scores…

a 1.29. Of all the players surveyed, in fact, he was least scrappy. The scrappiest career, with a SCRAP of .32, was Pete Kozma. Sorry, David Eckstein.  I bet it was your sophomore year, when you ranked 11th in the MVP debate (no, seriously). Oddly enough, that was also the only year you had an OPS+ greater than 100.

Maybe you should have sucked more. (I’m surprised Juan Pierre and Willie Bloomquist weren’t included, actually.)


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