T-SQL Anti-Patterns: Wrapup

Over on the right-hand bar, I have a page listing all of the T-SQL anti-patterns in this series.  There are additional anti-patterns, code smells, and things to avoid, but I think 14 is enough for one presentation.  Speaking of presentations, check it out at SQL Saturday #277 in Richmond, Virginia on Saturday, March 22nd, 2014.


Theory of gaming: Cold War: CIA vs. KGB

Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games Type of game: Card game, bluffing, Cold War awesomeness Number of players: 2 Learning curve: Easy+ Estimated time to play (first time/subsequent times): 45 minutes/30 minutes Estimated setup time: 4 minutes I found this game for sale for about $20, and it's a tremendous value. Each player chooses a side, KGB…