Where art thou, Ray Farmer?

Ray Farmer is now the sole GM of the Cleveland Browns. This is cause for much rejoicing. Yet he has two incredibly easy decisions to make and he isn’t making them. Re-signing Alex Mack (C) and T. J. Ward (SS).

Mack is on a humanitarian trip to Brazil at the moment and won’t return until the end of the month. Okay, fine, but then why aren’t you re-signing Boss Ward (that’s actually his nickname, and I’ve grown to like it)?

I won’t use the “they were Pro Bowlers” argument here. I’ll simply state that T. J. Ward is a fantastic old-school safety (in that he hits the bejeesus out of people) and Alex Mack is one of the best centers in the NFL. The Browns have a shit ton of cap space. I mean, there’s literally no reason why they couldn’t re-sign both, use all of their draft picks, and enjoy the results. Maybe even add a free agent or two.

Here’s Football Outsiders’ take on the situation, by the way. FO also says we ought to trade up with the Rams, though. If the Rams would take the #4 pick, a second rounder, and something else, I’d do it in a heartbeat, but I’d be shocked if they wouldn’t at the very least the second first rounder, and I’d be hard pressed to give that up, were I Ray Farmer.


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