The theory of gaming: Alhambra

Note: All times are assuming a two player game; please adjust accordingly for more players

Publisher: Queen Games/Dirk Henn

Type of game: Tile game

Number of players: 2-6

Learning curve: Easy

Estimated time to play (first time/subsequent times): 45 minutes/30 minutes

Estimated setup time: 5 minutes

This game is a pretty big contrast from Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game. There isn’t one cosmic horror from beyond. Not one! It is, however, a surprisingly fun little game that my wife picked out.

The concept is pretty simple: you are trying to build an Alhambra that’s more awesome than the other player’s. You do so using currency and buying tiles to expand it. In the basic version, that’s all there is to it, although there are many expansions. You gain points in various rounds until you reach the end.

There is a certain amount of luck, but a surprising amount of skill as well. It’s probably even better with more than two players!


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