New series ahoy!

So, after the Rockstar series attracted no attention (not that I thought it would), I’ve decided to start one in which I briefly review various excellent board games I’ve player. No ranking, no set schedule, just quality writing (I hope) about quality games. I will say that classics (backgammon, checkers, chess, Chinese checkers, Go/Othello/Spot [if you had a Gameboy], almost all card games) are specifically excluded. If you need me to tell you that pinochle and euchre are awesome, you are a sadly deluded individual.

These will be, on the whole, longer than previous series articles, as they are also proper reviews. Perhaps this will gain us the commenters we so desperately crave?! I mean, apart from having Dan post about redheads; I don’t even think my PED posts are getting attention any more.

One thought on “New series ahoy!

  1. I like this idea. Not the commentors—those I can give or take—but lengthy reviews of good board/card games. I might have a few contributions to this series, but you definitely have more experience in this field than I, so I’m sure I’ll learn a few things.

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