Snowpocalypse Strikes Again

After making fun of how people react to an inch of snow here, I finally got to experience a decent snowfall.  Naturally, this led to catastrophe.

On my end, I left work before the snow started and ate fried chicken in my Command Center.  The official wife was not so lucky and ended up taking four hours to get home.

I also am the only person in the neighborhood with a snow shovel, it seems.  But that’s only because I am not awesome enough to own a flamethrower.


4 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse Strikes Again

      • The fact that you need to make a distinction as to something being official does imply the possibility of something being unofficial. The “official hollowpoint ammunition provider for the NFL” is paying for that “official”, but there may be (indeed, probably are) unofficial hollowpoint ammunition providers for the NFL. I’m not saying there’s a high likelihood, but at the very least there is a non-zero chance of there being unofficial sponsors, or you wouldn’t pay to be “official.”

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