Ranking Rockstar: Honorable mentions

I’d forgotten how bare the blog looks when it’s just Kevin posting, so I decided to start a new series. To the best of my knowledge, Kevin has never played a Rockstar game (although I could be wrong), but he has seen many played.

Never played: GTA London, GTA: Chinatown Wars, GTA: Advance, the Midnight Club series, Max Payne 2 and 3, Manhunt series, Red Dead Revolver, GTA V

Of this list, I definitely want to play the sequels to Max Payne (I may have played Max Payne 2, but I honestly don’t remember), GTA V will come sooner or later, and I might try the Manhunt games at some point. I don’t have the systems for Chinatown Wars or Advance. No desire to play anything else here (I hate straight racing games, and I think GTA: London and Red Dead Revolver are just not interesting.)

Honorable mentions: Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories

Fun games, both of them, but both missing the magic that made their parent games (GTA 3 and Vice City) so great. Plus, this leaves us with an even 10 games.



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