I demand a recount!

Will Leitch of Sports on Earth (formerly of Deadspin) ranks all of the NFL teams in order of being most tortured here.

Cleveland and Buffalo are #1 and #2. No, wait, sorry. I mean to say that Buffalo and Cleveland are #1 and #2.

Look, Will, I feel badly for Buffalo fans. Losing four consecutive Super Bowls has to suck, I imagine.

Or, you know, you could lose your team and watch the city that stole your team win the Super Bowl the year after you come back. Remember how the Dolphins used to (and still do) go pretty much .500 every year? Cleveland would yearn for that kind of stability. Yes, Buffalo hasn’t been to the playoffs since 1999. They’re also in the second toughest division in the NFL (behind the AFC North). I am thankful I am too young to properly remember the Drive or the Fumble.

Honestly, I’d rank Buffalo third, behind Detroit, but I could live with them being #2.

But Cleveland is #1 at losing. Please don’t let us lose at losing, Will. It’s all we’ve got.


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