Lie down, cranky old man

So, here is Bill Livingston’s response to Richard Sherman trash talking. Apparently, Richard Sherman is the worst human being in history. Let’s not forget this little gem:

In the first place, expecting Sherman, who was bright enough to go to Stanford, to go all gangsta is a racial stereotype, although he wears dreadlocks and is from very tough place, Compton, Calif.

Uh… what? It’s bad grammar, okay, but to say “racial stereotypes are bad, although you could be forgiven for being a racist here, although you shouldn’t” is mind-bendingly offensive and stupid.

Michael Crabtree isn’t mediocre — he was the 14th best receiver in the NFL this year, which is pretty damn good — but that doesn’t make Richard Sherman history’s greatest monster or anything. It just makes him a pro athlete.

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