IMDB link.

Interesting fact: I had originally slotted Murder, She Wrote here. I did an IMDB search for that show, and it recommended Monk, which was somehow left off my list entirely. So, if you’re a fan of Jessica Fletcher, sorry, but she missed the cut, since otherwise I’d have to reorganize the entire list. Plus, how is it that not one of the nefarious criminals on the show ever, like, just killed her? I mean, she’s an old woman. Kind of a big plot hole.

Basic premise: OCD detective.

Why it’s here: Monk is the first, but not the last, USA original series to pop up here. The premise is genuinely original and interesting. Plus, you get to see Buffalo Bill on the good side of the badge! (It will never cease being awesome that Stottlemeyer is Buffalo Bill. NEVER!) It did a great job of balancing the comedy with the tragedy, and if ever the term tragicomedy applied to a show, it’s this one.

Why it’s not higher: The gimmick ran stale. Disher, as a character, was kind of annoying.


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