Top thirty crime procedurals, #24: The Equalizer

IMDB link.

Basic synopsis: Guy works for unspecified secret agency, retires, but still likes killing bad guys.

Why it’s here: Theme music. Also, and I cannot stress this enough, Edward Woodward has not only a fantastic name, but he was a straight up bad ass for an old British guy. Imagine if Alfred Pennyworth became Batman, but thought that Batman was a wuss for not killing people. I still get Michael Cain and Edward Woodward confused. Also, introduced the world to Keith Szarabajka, who is probably been in 96% of video games because of his awesome voice. (Not to mention his role in Angel.) Special bonus: They’re doing a film version with Denzel Washington in it.

Why it isn’t higher: His son on the show was kind of a tool. There was also a creepy romance angle I remember that kind of freaked me out.


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