IMDB link. (The only gimmick of yours I’m stealing, Kevin).

Twin Peaks was created by David Lynch. I am tempted to end this post right there, but I think you deserve more.

Basic premise: Popular, good looking small town girl is murdernated. Whodunit?

Why it’s here: I was too young to watch this when it first aired, yet I distinctly remember seeing at least one episode (for some reason,  I instantly remembered the theme music.) Up until the middle of season 2, it was David Lynch doing a crime show. Kyle MacLachlan did a great job as the FBI agent. It also inspired one of my favorite episodes of another show on this list, but that’s a story for later.

Why it isn’t higher: Because it’s a complete and total clusterfuck after they solve the murder. David Lynch, allegedly, never wanted to solve the murder. I am warning you right now: If you watch this series, stop after the murderer confesses. YOU WILL BE MUCH HAPPIER FOR IT. Oh, and for the love of all that is holy and/or unholy, do not watch the awful movie. Seriously.

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