Top thirty crime procedural shows of all time: Intro and Honorable Mentions

With the thrilling conclusion of Kevin’s series of “almost” sci-fi shows (though seriously, he gave me a lot of shows to think about), I was thinking to myself, what have I watched more of than sci-fi shows?

Cop shows. Lots, and lots, and lots of cop shows.

For the purposes of this list, I am including three major categories:

1. Anything focusing on law enforcement personnel, as opposed to the judicial system in particular. I stretch a point for one particular show you may have heard of, but it’s the only one.

2. Anything focusing on the supply side of crime, as with them inevitably come cops.

3. Shows generally called mystery shows.

Specifically excluded are shows that are primarily legal procedural. I like those shows too, but not as much as the others.

Here’s a list of shows I haven’t watched any of: Any Sherlock Holmes series, any Agatha Christie series, Miami Vice, Columbo, the new Kojak, the new Hawaii Five-0, the Wire, Castle, Boardwalk Empire, Justified, Copper, The Fugitive

Most of those are in the “want to but haven’t yet” pile. Columbo is probably the biggest shock from Kevin’s point of view, but my mom really, really hated Peter Falk for some reason, and so I’ve never seen it. The first two are because I know the books are better (although I will watch the new Sherlock series and the American one with Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller). Miami Vice was banned in my house growing up too — that one I’m not sure if I’ll get to or not.

Here’s a list of shows I’ve watched some of, but not enough: The Shield, The Sopranos, 21 Jump Street, any of the NCIS shows

The first two are definitely on a to-do list someday, particularly if I can find a good quality version of the Shield. As a kid, I hated it, but now I think I’d really like it. 21 Jump Street I’m almost certain I’ll skip. NCIS… I don’t know.

Honorable mention: Prison Break. If I cheated, I’d squeeze this on the list for the first two seasons, but it really becomes more of a conspiracy type show. Definitely worth watching — it’d be in the top half, for sure, if it was eligible.

Honorable mention: Alcatraz. I’ve already talked about it enough, and it’s time to let other shows have a chance to shine.

Honorable mention(s): Gunsmoke and Have Gun, Will Travel. Terrific shows, and tangentially related to crime and criminals (you could make that case for almost any Western, probably). I’d love to see a proper crime show set in the Old West, but I just don’t think it’ll ever happen.



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