Murray Chass: Professional moron

I can’t properly call Murray Chass a curmudgeon, because curmudgeons are at least somewhat loveable; Chass is just an idiot. Rob Neyer has the latest.

If you want to claim that steroids is cheating now, I can’t disagree — there’s a punishment for it and everything. But to exclude players solely on the basis on the fact that they used steroids is lunacy. It’s lunacy because no one — NO ONE — honestly thinks of Eric Gagne or Paul LoDuca as Hall of Famers whether they used steroids or cybernetic arms. (Okay, maybe for cybernetic arms.) Eric Gagne was a pretty great closer for a couple of seasons. Paul LoDuca was an above average catcher, like 60% of Ivan Rodriguez. Neither of them are even borderline Hall of Famers, unless your definition of “border” says that the USA borders on Brazil. I mean, okay, we share the Atlantic Ocean. That’s pretty much it.

Also, Jack Morris isn’t a Hall of Famer. He just isn’t. I’ve already written on that.

But perhaps the sentence that pisses me off the most is this one:

These non-exes won’t get my vote because they were proved to have cheated, admitted they cheated or are strongly suspected of having cheated.

If we go with the mass hysteria over the alleged steroids era, that means every. single. player. in the 1990s used steroids. That includes you, David Eckstein, you fucking steroid junkie. You too, Darren Erstad. No wonder you were also a punter! IT WAS THE ‘ROIDS. I’m exaggerating slightly, but “strongly suspected of having cheated” is pretty much carte blanche to ignore an entire era. I’m sorry, but any human being who can say with straight face that Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are not two of the greatest baseball players in the history of this planet is an idiot.


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