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General idea:  cowboys IN SPAAAACE

Interesting because:  The premise was outstanding.  The execution was great.  The series itself is the second-best libertarian sci-fi series I’ve ever seen.  The casting was fantastic, and who can’t help but like Adam Baldwin as Jayne?

Annoying because:  Someday I’m going to build a time machine, travel back to 2002, and kidnap whichever Fox executives pulled the plug on this show.

Best season(s):  1

Worst season(s):  N/A — only lasted one season, and Serenity was a good movie


3 thoughts on “Kevin’s Favorite Science Fiction Shows: #2 — Firefly

  1. I said this when I did my own list, but Firefly being #3 on my list is more like calling it #1c.

    I still think Farscape did “outlaws on the run” better than Firefly, who kind of took it or left it as the moment grabbed them.

    1. Certainly you’re right about Farscape doing the outlaw portion better, but Firefly was set in an old west type of world in which news travels very, very slowly and most parts of the universe were (relatively) civilized but still pretty isolated, whereas Farscape seemed to be much better in terms of communications and tracking ability. Serenity’s crew were also low-rent bandits (save for rescuing Summer Glau’s character, which kind of put them higher up on the list), whereas Moya’s were Top Priority for increasingly more important people. That I think describes the difference between the two in terms of desperation.

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