Kevin’s Favorite Science Fiction Shows: #4 — Babylon 5

Babylon 5

IMDB link

General idea:  diplomacy IN SPAAAACE

Interesting because:  This is a modern space opera in television format.  It was a show with a fantastic premise, punctuated with a series of fleshed-out races.  Each race had different customs and attitudes, and much of the show was watching this interaction between people of different races.  Just as importantly, each person was different—it wasn’t looking at the different humans with different opinions and customs versus monolithic cultures A, B, and C; rather, you got the idea that JMZ really thought every character out.  Andreas Katsulas as G’Kar was a scene-chewer par excellance and showed a significant amount of growth as the series progressed.

Annoying because:  The show occasionally became too preachy for my tastes.  The most annoying episode I can think of off-hand was the Druze discrimination episode, where discrimination boiled down to who was wearing what color band.  Aside from that, you could tell that this was a low-budget show and some of the special effects were cheesy even at the time.

Best season(s):  3-4

Worst season(s):  5


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