Twilight Zone

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General idea:  it’s a weird, weird world

Interesting because:  Rod Serling made this series great.  He was an outstanding writer with a panache for finding excellent sci-fi writers and directors as well as great acting talent before we knew of them.  There were also a number of classic episodes which are engrained in modern American culture.

Annoying because:  The series didn’t have the production value to pull off what they tried to accomplish.  This series could have ended up at #1 if they had a modern TV show’s budget but still the same quality of writing, direction, and casting.

Best episodes:  Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (William Shatner + gremlins), To Serve Man (“It’s a cookbook!”), Time Enough At Last (why I thank my lucky stars I live in a world with non-glass lenses).  Aside from those, you could come up with a number of other outstanding episodes which really defined sci-fi television.


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