Kevin’s Favorite Science Fiction Shows: #8 — Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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General idea:  Kitty Pryde with a stake.

Interesting because:  This show was a great Joss Whedon series.  It had all of the Whedon classics:  irreverent humor, incidental tiebacks to prior seasons (and other Whedon shows), snappy dialogue, and great character development.  Our resident Penguatroll will argue that this isn’t sci-fi.  I have a slightly broader definition of the term, so I’m going to include it here.  And I get that I laid out two vampire shows in a row.  Note that I hate vampire shows generally; it’s just that these were two outstanding shows.

Annoying because:  Look, there are only so many ways that Buffy can destroy herself.  They killed her three times, mentally tortured her for about 6 seasons, and dug that hole until they couldn’t go any deeper.  Oh, and Dawn was pretty annoying.

Best season(s):  3-4

Worst season(s):  6


3 thoughts on “Kevin’s Favorite Science Fiction Shows: #8 — Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  1. “Once More, With Feeling” is the single greatest episode of the show; I will presume that is excluded from the rest of Season 6 being terrible. Yeah, Dawn was pretty irritating. You can make a slight — SLIGHT — case for a Sci-Fi element in this show, what with Adam and the Initiative and all.

    • Ah, the musical episode. Yeah, I wasn’t a huge fan of that one, but you could still have an outstanding episode in an otherwise-bad season—or at least bad in context of the show. I still went through season 6 with no complaints.

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