The X-Files

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General idea:  The Truth Is Out There

Interesting because:  This show re-defined paranoia for the ’90s.  It spawned a new generation of science fiction (shows like Millennium and Dark Skies never could have existed without the X-Files) and lasted a full decade.  Mulder and Scully played off of each other very well and I liked the baddie-of-the-week format.

Annoying because:  The show went off the deep end after a few seasons.  I think it jumped the shark after season 4, with the Mulder shotgun cliffhanger.  Season 5 was still good, but they should have stopped the show after the first movie.  The main plot just kept getting crazier and crazier until I couldn’t stand to watch it any longer.  The rating for this series is really for seasons 1-5.

Best season(s):  2-4

Worst season(s):  Anything after 5


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