Announcing another new series!

I had a lot of fun making the sci-fi series list, and even more fun reading Kevin’s choices. I’m thinking of doing a crime procedural series next (which might have as many as 30 entries), but I’ll wait until Kevin finishes.


4 thoughts on “Announcing another new series!

      • Fair enough. I hope you didn’t plan on stealing my schtick here: if I follow through and do the same, every series will be called CSI: [something]. Hawaii Five-O is CSI: Tropicana. Agents of SHIELD is CSI: Superheroes. Two Broke Girls is CSI: Unfunny.

  1. Is CSI, then, CSI: CSI? In any case, no I won’t steal your gimmick. I mean, there were only three CSI franchises (compared to roughly eleventy billion franchises for Law & Order.)

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