It couldn’t happen to a nicer team

Grantland has a great story here. I can’t rightly call this Schadenfreude because it’s all joy, baby. The Yankees have dominated MLB for too long and deserve a little vacation. This cannot be anything other than good for baseball.

With that said, I think the most amazing thing is how incredible Robinson Cano is. As the article mentions, he was the best player in baseball for the last four years by bWAR. Number of MVPs won? Zero. He’s placed third exactly once (2010). A Yankee — and I’m throwing up a little in my mouth just typing this — is underrated. I didn’t think that was possible. It’s close — the top five, BTW, are Cano, Miguel Cabrera, Adrian Beltre, Clayton Kershaw, and Joey Votto — but that doesn’t excuse his being overlooked in the hardware department. Now Seattle is paying him scads of money to be just as awesome (probably) but for a terrible team that is managed by the equivalent of fungus.

Okay, I guess there’s the tiniest bit of shame there after all.



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